Below is an alphabetical listing of the authors we have published work by and/or are currently working with:

Taylor Altman
Taylor's Swimming Back was released August 28, 2008.

Rusty Barnes
We released Breaking it Down, a paperback of flash fiction by Night Train editor Rusty Barnes, November 8, 2007.

Justin is the author of the broadside "The President, a criminal and a chimpanzee walk into a bar...."

B.J. Best
We published B.J.'s first paperback of poetry, State Sonnets, in 2009.

Marina Blitshteyn
Marina's Sheet Music was our lone 2018 release.

Alan Catlin
Alan's chapbook Only the Dead Know Albany was released August 21, 2008.

MRB Chelko
We are working on Maria's first poetry collection, but have also printed the single-poem fine press booklet Six Recurring Dreams.

Thomas Rain Crowe
We have published the chapbook The Brucciano Poems and also a postcard by Thomas.

Christopher Cunningham
Christopher's paperback Flowers in the Shadow of the Storm was released May 24, 2007.

Christopher Fritton
We released a letterpress-printed edition by Christopher titled My Fingernails Are Fresnel Lenses in March 2008.

Nathan Graziano
We have published three titles by Nathan: A Paper Ark, a mini-chap; Honey, I'm Home, a chapbook; and the paperbacks Teaching Metaphors and After the Honeymoon, as well as the letterpress-printedbroadsheet Crash. Nathan also has a letterpress-printed postcard available entitled "The Drunkest I've Ever Been."

Jason Heroux
Jason's broadside "The Morning Light" was our first title to be printed by letterpress. We released The Sea Never Drowns October 18, 2007.

Doug Holder
Holder's No One Dies at the Au Bon Pain was released in April 2007.

Tim Horvath
We released Tim's novella Circulation in March 2009.

Karl Koweski
Karl's chapbook of poetry Diminishing Returns was released September 6, 2007.

Richard Krech
Richard's chapbook Rumors of Electricity was released at the end of November 2006 and is now in its second impression. We released a book of legal poems titled In Chambers: The Bodhisattva of the Public Defender's Office on February 28, 2008.

Michael Kriesel
We have published Michael's Feeding My Heart to the Wind, now in its third impression, and Moths Mail the House, a collection of threesomes. Previous to that we published the broadside Three Poems. We have also started work on an all-letterpress-printed collection of haiku by Michael that will be titled Whale of Stars.

Micah Ling
We published Micah's first full-length collection of poetry, Three Islands, in 2009.

Hosho McCreesh
Hosho's paperback For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed... is scheduled for a September 18 release.

Brian McGettrick
We published Brian's debut collection of poetry, Everything Else We Must Endure.

Lawrence Millman
We released the fiction chapbook Going Home by Lawrence in January 2009.

Alexander Parsons
An NEA Literary Fellowship recipient, our chapbook of the award-winning short fiction Thunderbird was published in October 2005.

Maxine Perella
Maxine's poems and photographs are both featured in her broadside "'god made me funky' and others."

Andrew Rihn
Andrew is the author of America Plops and Fizzes.

Rebecca Schumejda
We published Dream Big, Work Harder by Rebecca at the end of November 2006 and her first paperback, Falling Forward, in February 2009.

Andrew Scott
Andrew's Modern Love was our second work of fiction.

Noel Sloboda
Noel's paperback Shell Games was released July 31, 2008.

Curtis Smith
Curtis's The Agnostic's Prayer was the first non-fiction manuscript we accepted and will be published in 2009.

John Sweet
John's poem "ruined machine" was printed as a broadside on photographic paper.

Jason Tandon
We published Rumble Strip by Jason in April 2007 and also a letterpress-printed postcard for the poem "Lambs Grove, Iowa." A paperback of poems titled Wee Hour Martyrdom was released in March 2008, and is now in its second impression.

Andrew Taylor
Andrew's chapbook And the Weary Are at Rest was released in June 2008.

William Taylor Jr.
"'As the Days and Hours Pass' & others," a mini-chap, was our first title with William. So Much Is Burning, a collection of poetry and photographs released in April 2006, was our first trade paperback. The Hunger Season, a paperback, was released in 2009, and a letterpress-printed postcard for the poem "In Between" is also available.