[information forthcoming]
an evolving letterpress-printed postcard project featuring work by:
Thomas Rain Crowe • Nathan Graziano • Jason Heroux • Ed Herrera • Doug Holder • Karl Koweski • Michael Kriesel • Brian McGettrick • Robert L. Penick • Rebecca Schumejda • Jason Tandon • William Taylor Jr.

This growing, ongoing project is publisher McNamara's pet project, and has been evolving over the past twelve months or more. Those who have corresponded with him are well aware of his affinity for postcards. What we do know is that a book of postcards will be released at some point, all of which are set in Goudy's Kaatskill, a delightfully quirky typeface whose bold strokes are perfect for a simple text design. All of the postcards will also be letterpress-printed on a Craftsmen Superior press.

Individual postcards may become available in limited quantities as they are printed. The details of these will appear below.

Individual postcards:

"Drinking Chicha at the Cesar Vallejo Bar" by Thomas Rain Crowe ($1)

"The Drunkest I've Ever Been" by Nathan Graziano ($1)

"Octoberland" by Jason Heroux ($1)

"Untitled" (an illustration) by Ed Herrera ($1)

"The Big Bang" by Doug Holder ($1)

"Driving Around After Rain" by Michael Kriesel ($1)

"before the alarm" by Brian McGettrick ($1)

"Phoenix" by Robert L. Penick ($1)

"Lambs Grove, Iowa" by Jason Tandon ($1)

"Logic" by Rebecca Schumejda ($1)

"Stages" by Noel Sloboda ($1)

"Against Ted Hughes" by Don Wentworth ($1)

"In Between" by William Taylor Jr. ($1)