Three Poems
a folded broadside of peotry by Michael Kriesel
Featuring illustrations by Claudio Parentela.
17" x 5.5", folded to 4.25" x 5.5", on Wasau Blue 24 lbs. Text

Numbered edition of 200 - $1

Lettered & signed (by the author) edition of 26 - $2

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Reviews and press:

From the Marrow: "
A neatly folded broadside featuring 3 poems by Michael Kriesel accompanied by 3 drawings by the ubiquitous Claudio Parentela. This duo has teamed up before, always w/ stunning results. The surrealistic madness of Parentela's images contrasts starkly & effectively w/ Kriesel's poems of quiet passion, like the illumination of the bottom 85 or 90% of a stately iceberg."

The Blind Man's Rainbow: "This is a fold-out collection of three Kriesel poems and three Parentela paintings. The title poem is a nice one to own: 'you were a ghost on mossy feet that time you took me with you / and I stepped on every twig and crunchy leaf until / the whole woods thought my name was Jesus Christ." For a dollar, three intriguing Kriesel poems and nicely chosen Parentela art."