Honey, I'm Home
a collection of poetry by Nathan Graziano
Cover art by David Woodson. ISBN 0-9769857-0-5
Saddle-stitched. 56 pages. Edition of 200 - $5

Might be available from:
Amazon.comPowell's and City Lights

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Reviews and press:
Broken Pencil: Zine of the Month

The Poetry Kit Awards 2006: Shortlisted for "Favourtie Poetry Book (published 2005)."

Controlled Burn: "Graziano paints a path into real life. He draws out of us the secrets we bury deep, the feelings we never share. His poetry is about life: marriage, children, friends, depression, our past. He's not hiding anything. He bears it all
—on paper—for everyone to read. Graziano doesn't deal in the metaphysical, spiritual, or the complex. He focuses on life as moments; insignificant until strung together."

The Blind Man's Rainbow: "I cannot say enough about the production, but really the poetry makes it worthwhile (Who picks up a chap for nice layout? Just me). Graziano's poetry is honest, observational, and (very often) amusing. Poems like 'Ambiguity' made me laugh out loud, as Graziano tries to explain pregnancy to his step-daughter. ... An impressive collection."

Portland Phoenix: "As the collection progresses, Graziano opens up a touching world of self-doubt and a sort of hope against all hope. This is a normal guy here. This is a normal family. ... It's the little things, captured wonderfully in the form of 'My Daughter's Eyes.' I love the way the poem seems to wobble, sentences etched in lines that sway between three and six syllables, like eyes that won't quite focus."

The Hippo: "Graziano, as a poet, is a champion of the simple things. He doesn’t bother with the big questions—life, truth, god, etc.—because he understands those things don’t really matter. It’s all theory until you put it into practice through life. So he writes about moments through which glimpses of the bigger picture shine through."

Ibbetson Update: "Nate Graziano’s poetry collection Honey, I’m Home...is by a poet who appreciates the value of family and love, but does not fall in the trap of Hallmark verse to celebrate both. Graziano’s poetry smacks of authenticity, examining the beauty and the welts of relationships, kids, ex-girlfriends, etc...."

Manchester Mirror: "He recently published Honey, I'm Home, a chapbook collection of poetry focusing on the trial, tribulations, beauty and anxiety of relationships, marriage and being a parent."

Poet-toPoet, Writer-to-Writer: "Nate’s name is very familiar to anyone who has been involved in the small press the last decade. His work has been published in a number of magazines including The Chiron Review, Poesy, Heeltap, Ibbetson Street, Nerve Cowboy, and others. He also has a number of fiction titles out."

Somerville News: "My Daughter's Eyes" was printed in the feature "Lyrical Somerville."

Previously used as a text at Kirtland Community College in Michigan.

Honey, I'm Home got significant mentions in Word Riot's interview with Charles Nevsimal.