"ruined machine"
Poem by John Sweet; photograph by Kimberly Tentor
An 8.5" x 8.5" display broadside on Canon 45 lbs. Matte Photo Paper.

Numbered edition of 100 - $2

Lettered & signed (by the author & photographer) edition of 26 - $3

Reviews and press:

Zen Baby: "'Ruined Machine' is an excellent poems by John Sweet with a photograph of a train track. A nice keepsake."

The Blind Man's Rainbow: "Individual poem by Sweet with a large photo. On cardstock, suitable for hanging or keeping in a collection."

Ibbetson Update: "This poem would be relevant during any time in history or in the future. This broadside should be hung on the wall to remind us of our history in the hope that we may change the future in some small way."