"god made me funky" & others
poems & photography by Maxine Perella
11"x17" on Hammermill Ivory 20 lbs. Text .

Numbered edition of 100 - $1

Lettered & signed (by the author) edition of 26 - $2

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Reviews and press:

The Blind Man's Rainbow: "
This is a broadside with poems only by Perella, as well as photographs of hers in the background. There is a range of styles in the seven poems, but most of them are story-telling and paragraph-style—the lines do not break but rather spill over into the next. Perhaps because she is British, I was enamoured with her language. It felt very fresh, which is unusual because I read a lot of poetry. Wonderful word choice abounds and it is a strong group."

Ibbetson Update: "Perella’s broadside flows from poem to poem in scattered lucidity. Pointed with religious, Shakespearian, and mythical overtones, Perella’s poems challenge the reader to see these same shades in their own life. ... If you allow, as Perella writes, 'the trust of strangers to shake you awake' you will not be disappointed. This stranger bears the gift of intellectual verse."