nonfiction by Curtis Smith

“What becomes clear throughout the collection is that Smith’s constant attention to detail applies to reading not just his students but the world at large. ... A moving and insightful collection, Witness does a wonderful job of shedding light on the miracles that occur daily in our imperfect world.”
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“Smith conveys all that he witnesses with a wit and clarity that only comes through years of reflecting and writing through the details.”
What to We
ar During an Orange Alert?

"Curtis Smith’s readers, as well as his son, are in the very best of hands.”
Prime Nu

"From the beginning, I'd found Witness, a book of exquisitely written essays, deeply moving.”
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"The essays contain some beautifully observed passages.”

“Curt Smith writes with insight, accuracy and compassion, traits I deem essential to the essay form.”
—Gary Percesepe, Mississippi Review

“A self-described Postmodern father, ever facing ‘new rounds of answerless questions,’ navigates the deep waters of parenthood and discovers, at turns, a ‘sputtering wellspring of bliss.’ These beautifully written and thoughtfully argued perceptions of human relationships will seem both familiar and provocative for parents of young children (nowhere else will you find a more precise polemic on Goodnight Moon!).”
—Jennifer Bardi, The Humanist

“Curtis Smith’s essays artfully combine poetic prose with keen insight. The result is a collection of personal essays that challenge the reader to re-examine life’s moments, both big and small.”
—Christine Weiser, author of Broad Street

"The essays collected in Witness brim with intelligence and beauty. Whether writing about a murdered student, the photographs of Diane Arbus, or a three-year-old pirate boy riding a tricycle naked through the house, Curtis Smith delves tenderly and thoughtfully into life's mysteries."
—Suzanne Kamata, author of Losing Kei

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