Diminishing Returns
poems by Karl Koweski
40 pages. ISBN
5" x 8",

First edition of 150 - $8

Released September 6, 2007
Also available from Powell's, Rust Belt Books, and Amazon.com

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Reviews, Press, and Info

The Guild of Outsider Writers: "Karl Koweski writes like a man's man. Though he is technically not a good 'ol boy from the south, much of his work has that feeling. ... Don't hesitate to put this book in your small press collection, because without it in there, it isn't complete."

Karl was interviewed in What to Wear During an Orange Alert?

“Karl Koweski digs deeper in Diminishing Returns. Deeper into his gut, his family, his shames, his surprising sense of melancholy and sometimes dirty absurdity. This is what you’d call a rewarding read.”
—Kevin Sampsell, author of Beautiful Blemish

“Karl Koweski’s Diminishing Returns spins like a dry martini with a cheap beer chaser shot full of the muse. Karl’s bag of poetic tricks includes fatherhood, cock sucking calves, baseball, Bukowski, redneck math, love, and marriage. Koweski injects straight language directly into the heart of the poem then takes the fall just for laughs, doing it all with the grace and ease of an experienced wordslinger who well knows his way around the dance floor.”
—S.A. Griffin, author of Numbskull Sutra and co-editor of The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry

“Koweski is a ‘meat-and-potatoes’ poet. No fancy language, no speaking over your head. When he writes about the real life you don’t want to see, like babies of dopeheads, disillusionment with a Wild West show, and the painful loss of a memory-laden car, you take his side.”
—Cindy Rosmus, editor of Yellow Mama