Modern Love
A work of short fiction by Andrew Scott
36 pages. ISBN 0-9769857-4-8
Featuring original art by Ed Herrera
6" x 6"; hand-stitched
; letterpress-printed cover

First edition of 200 - $10

Also available from Powell's, Von's Books and

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Reviews and press

Small Press Review: "We barely meet her, him yet less—yet their shift in perspective matches personal changes any reader has seen—the result is believable, not dramatic; the sort of small surprise we commonly adjust to, though this is the story of major, unexpected changes. The gap between feeling and consequence is artfully done, perhaps depicting the narrator's own basic vacancy."

ULA Book Review Blog: "Modern a well-worth-it $10. ... This story has many synchronistic overtones about fate, destiny and choice. The ending may surprise you."

Indianapolis Monthly: "Ball State University English professor Andrew Scott finds beauty in the little things: Modern Love (Sunnyoutside Press), his tiny, but delightful, 29-page chapbook, describes the roadtrip a couple takes from Indy to California so one can pursue a music career."

Doug Holder: "As usual Dave McNamara has designed this book, and it is a handsome addition to his list of titles. ... Modern Love is a short story about a young couple’s journey from the corn-fed Midwest to the brighter horizons of California. The couple is in search of a better life, but more accurately in search of themselves. The young man wants to make it as a rock band promoter, and his girlfriend Alice seems to be along for the ride."

The Iconoclast: "Will a long-term relationship that has hit the truth or consequences wall make it? Especially as the couple relocates from Indiana to L.A. (having car problems on the way)? Is music a salvation or a curse? The answers are in this finely printed fiction chapbook (art by Ed Herrera)."